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The study of English language in this age of globalization is essential. English language is the most important language of communication between different countries.  In India, people of different states have their own language. English Language has come us as a connecting link among various states of India.U.N. has recognized five languages as its official languages and of them English takes the first position because of its background, international acclaim of easy access to the people. If we go back to historical facts, we see that half of the globe was under the British imperialism. Those countries coming directly under British rule had by necessity or under compulsion to learn English and the rest either being influenced by the English culture or to keep pace with modern trend had but to opt for learning it.

spoken english

Spoken English

Eduroid Academy teach many students annually which means we understand the needs of our students and the challenges they face.  Enroll for the course and learn from our professional teachers who hold internationally recognized qualifications in teaching English. Our material gives you practical experience and skills to improve your English language abilities.

Spoken English course is available at a range of levels and are structured to improve your overall English competency across the skills – speaking and listening. You will also develop your ability to use English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary with and accuracy.

Why to take this course?

Our communicative approach ensures that you will be able to activate your English.

Individual or a group session provides plenty of opportunity to practice.

We use the latest course books and digital resources.

You will receive quality feedback from our expert teachers.

Awareness of common errors which influence your communication.

You will improve your ability to learn independently during and after the course.

Measure your progress with continuous assessment.

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