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Reiki is a Japanese form of healing and relaxation where the arms/palms of the therapist are used to cure the patient. Reiki impacts a human being both physically and mentally. It is simple and safe, with no side effects. However, one should not miss the slightest difference between a massage and reiki. Massage is vigorous and forceful while reiki is just a soothing touch across the body for a feel-good factor.

So, when you decide to go for a Reiki session, what exactly do you expect to experience? A reiki training institute explains the probable things that you can expect during a typical reiki session:

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First, a reiki session starts with meeting the professional or reiki expert who will do the treatment on your body. When meeting the person, try to get comfortable with him/her. If you have preference regarding gender of the reiki practitioner you can mention in advance. Do clear out to the practitioner what you expect during the reiki session or if you have any specific disorder that you want to get rid of through the reiki session.

Second, your reiki session is time bound. Before you pay or settle down for the reiki, talk with the practitioner how long your massage be. The duration of your massage is highly dependent on the kind of problem you are having. Also, it is recommended to genuinely feel good after the session, it’s better to opt for longer hours of reiki.

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Third, prior to all reiki session, the practitioner and the patient must sign a bond. As the reiki process involves touching the consent form sets parameters to which the practitioner will maximum go. Do read the reiki consent form cautiously before signing on it.

Forth, the ambiance of the reiki session is very different. It is usually on a medical table or bed, where the patient must lie down. Around this, there is a chair that the practitioner uses. The patients can wear their own clothes or take uniform from the reiki chamber. Lights are dimmed and there is soft music played.


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Fifth, once over the reiki session do not expect your body pain or chronic disease to disappear immediately. Each session of reiki simply offers feel good factor. The more reiki sessions you take up, the better you will feel both physically and emotionally.