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Engineering, IT, data science or software development – knowing programming language is now becoming important for most professions. However, when aspiring candidates plan to learn java language, the foremost tiff is to decide which programming language to learn first. SQL, IOS, PHP and so many more options that it becomes tough to pick one and learn for real time careerist achievements.

As remedy, we pick one of the oldest and most popular programming language – Java – and hereby, state the benefits of learning it. Learning Java ensures careerist achievements along with healthy knowledge gain.

Java Training

Learn Java Programming Language

  • Java is like English

Usually remembering the codes of programming languages make it tough for beginners to learn it. In case of Java, the coding is very similar to English language and hence it becomes easy for beginners to learn it. Minimal use of magic characters like Generics angle brackets solve critical matters, which definitely makes Java easy to learn.

  • Java best over last three years

Considering research results of New Relic, Java is the most popular programming language over the past three years starting 2015. As in the same span Java released least of its update, coders keep a pace with the progress of Java and hence it became the best for the same time span. As Java continued with its same features catering niche audience for a considerable span of time, the use and adaptation of Java thereby increased.

  • Java has open source libraries

Organizations like Google, Apache contributed and now Java has a vast open source library. The hundreds of existing Java libraries has solutions for all probable problems a coder faces in work. Each Java library contains packages that coders can browse through before beginning their work. To name a few popular Java libraries will be – Java.io, Java.Util, Google Guava, GSon, JasperReports and so on.

  • Java is fast

If compared to conventional programming languages, then Java is fast and adds pace to the speed of the coder. This is because the coding language is simple here. So, when a coder runs an app based on Java, there is no requisite of checking the definitions in their coding. The speed of Java definitely makes it popular among coders.

  • Java is easy to maintain

As a statically typed language, Java facilitates users to check coding errors reform running an app. This allows less of unexpected errors during coding and makes Java a popular programming language.