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Geography is a subject with vast syllabus and students often remain confused how to go about it. Here in comes the pivotal role of a good geography Home Tutors in Delhi who can introduce the subject slowly to students and make sure that their basic concepts are clear. So, from where to start learning geography? Here is a list of five basic geography chapters that are good to introduce the subject to students. Teachers can count this as elementary syllabus and do depth of coverage on these for students to learn.

  • Map pointing

Students should be encouraged to do map pointing, so that they learn where all parts of the world nicely. Considering the global career opportunities, it’s important for students to know all parts of the world very well and map pointing in geography classes is the first step to it. Teachers should encourage students to do map pointing to know more about geographical locations of different places, states and nations.

  • Geographical phenomenon

Under the syllabus of geography, students learn about climatic conditions like earthquake, erosion, volcanoes and so on. In due course of life, it’s important for every individual to have a brief idea about these natural phenomena.


Geography Home Tutor in Delhi

Geography teachers should include these phenomena in their syllabus, so that students learn these from school level only. Students should also be taught how to manage situation if they every face such natural disasters.

  • Regional geography

The syllabus of regional geography depends where the student and teacher is located. However, for students in India, all kinds of regional geography should be taught. As the country, has varied geographical importance at different sides, an idea about them should be conveyed to students.

While teaching regional geography, teachers can make the classes interactive by adding pictures and presentations about the region being taught.

  • Geography math’s

In geography, there is small portion of math’s. No teacher should miss this in their syllabus. This geography math has importance on related units which also should be taught to students. Geography math can only be taught to students when they have a clear concept of latitude and longitude. To teach latitude and longitude, teachers must start from mother earth.

  • Mother earth

It’s in geography that students learn everything about mother earth. Its recommended that this is considered as the first lesson topic in geography classes for easy understanding of students at a later stage. From composition of earth, to its movement – all needs to be covered by the geography teacher.

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