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How can GMAT Coaching help you get success in the exam? Read out this article to get a clear picture on how you clear the GMAT exam.

Here is how GMAT coaching in Delhi which has expert tutors can help you to prepare for the exam:

Look for the required study materials

Internet has widened your resource. And the site of GMAT is a rich source to get the materials for preparation irrespective of the fact that higher ranking and updated study guide can prove to be fruitful. Or else you can simply opt to buy the study aids. However there are few exceptions here:

  • Buying a study guide from an offline store, you will have to check its reviews online
  • Be sure that the guide is updated version for the exam you are going to appear
  • Preparation for all subjects is a must thing but focus mainly on the subjects you struggle with

Begin early and habituate yourself for regular study

If you feel that there is time for the exam and you can start bit late with then ward off this idea. You might not know that candidates securing highest marks say 600 in range spent at least 107 hours in studying. So you need to fix up your time accordingly. It is true that progress differs from person to person but the best way to score well in gmat exam is to begin early and develop the habit of regular study.

  • Test takers preparing for the exam need around 3 months and 6 weeks to be ready
  • The more you study, the more you yield benefits. So, never judge your IQ against your preparation
  • Practice on regular basis. This can best be done by solving question papers of previous exams
  • Develop your own schedule for preparation and stick to it to achieve success

Prepare for the gmat exam

The basic gmat test papers include quantitative aptitude, verbal section, reasoning and one essay. So you can go ahead in these ways:

Quantitative Aptitude

Under gmat test papers, the first thing you will come across with is quantitative aptitude that will test your skills in Mathematics. It will engross the following:

  • Simple Algebra
  • Basic Geometry and
  • Mainly Arithmetic

Apart from checking your Math skills, you will be judged on your capability to use interpretation and reason. The section will have 37 questions that you need to solve in 75 minutes.

Verbal Section

Loved by few and feared by many, this section will include 3 primary areas:

  • Critical Reasoning
  • Sentence Correction and
  • Reading Comprehension

Paying close attention to the passages you read, the interrogated questions and structure of sentence in every question is the key to get success in this part. There will be 41 questions and same 75 minutes for completion.


It will consist of just 12 questions and you will get 30 minutes for completion. The section mainly checks your interpretation of graphical displays, manifold data sources and come up with logical conclusions out of them.


The most important part you need to learn in gmat exam is this writing section as it can either break or can make your dream come true. Here a score that ranges amid 1-6 will be added with your scores in other portions.

Work on your weak areas and practice regularly

None is perfect in this world and you might face problems in some portions. Find out your weak areas and work on it to develop your skill further. Do regular practice of whatever you are being taught in gmat coaching and see the results.