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Looking to Learn English vocabulary? Whether you are trying to improve your word power to enhance your academic performance or personal or professional growth, the key to increasing your vocabulary is rigorous practice every single day.

When you have good word power you will be able to use right words at the right time, enabling you to express yourself in various ways well. You will be able to write, speak and convey your thoughts more precisely and properly. Here are few tips for you to build your vocabulary:


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  1. Learn new words every day

There is nothing like learning new words and their usage in every day life. The more you add new words to your mind, the more you will be able to convey your thoughts appropriately. You can read newspapers, magazines, novels and learn at least 10 – 20 new words every day and their usage in sentences. Doing this exercise every day will enable you to build a good vocabulary in your brain.


  1. Use a dictionary

Learning new words cannot be completed or successful without the use of a dictionary. Do keep a dictionary handy for yourself and whenever you come across any new words or frequently read words, check up in the dictionary instantly. When you make it a habit of checking a dictionary regularly you will be able to add a lot of new words and use it on a daily basis. You could refer to Oxford dictionary, Thesaurus dictionary and any other dictionary.


  1. Learn new words through fun activities 

If you have friends who are also trying to improve their vocabulary then you may involve them in playing word games. You may play fill in the blanks, matching words with their meanings, or more, in order to learn new words well. Fun activities help you retain more words in quicker time, enabling you to learn and remember new words easily and quickly.


  1. Talk with different people

It is important that you involve in conversations with different people in order to check your word power and flow of thoughts. The more you are equipped with wide variety of words, the more you will be able to communicate efficiently and thoughtfully, making people understand what you are saying and want to say. And when you start a conversation, try to choose different topics so that you can know how good is your vocabulary to express your thoughts in various topics. And depending on your performance you can learn more words.


  1. Be positive and practice regularly

Learning new words every day may be challenging at times. You may feel frustrated checking your progress and the time you spend. But it is important that you keep a positive mind set so that you can learn new words with interest and great excitement. And the next important thing is to learn new words every day and how to use it correctly in the right contexts.