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Hiring a tutor is not enough. Your child’s tuition classes need to be more effective so that he can learn his lessons well and clear all concepts. So a little planning and monitoring can make a huge difference to make your child’s learning more effective. Here are few things you can do to make your child’s tuition classes more effective:

  • Follow up every day

When your child goes through a tuition session, make sure that you ask what he did in the tuition class today. You can go ahead and try to learn specific details of what your child learned on a daily basis. And if you find your child is not learning every day, you can talk to the tutor and ask her to include certain topics your child doesn’t like or you want your child to learn. Taking a note of what has been taught every day will ensure your child learn every day.


Tuition Classes

  • Ask your child to pay attention

If you are thinking, hiring a tutor is more than enough. Then you are definitely wrong, hiring a tutor is a way of helping your child to learn more properly from an expert. So it is important that you make a habit of your child to pay attention when the tutor is explaining a concept or idea. When you train your child to pay attention and ask questions if he is not clear about something, then chances are that he will learn faster and more easily. And when a student pays attention, the tutor becomes more involved in teaching and bridging learning gaps.

  • A lesson plan would be great

When you hire a tutor, do discuss with her and ensure that she hands over a learning path so that you know well how your child learning is progressing. Making a learning plan is very effective when your child is studying for board exams. A study plan will track your child’s progress of covering different topics of a subject. This way he will increase the number of topics he covers over a number of tuition sessions.

  • Track your child’s progress

Tracking your child learning progress is important so that he can check on his own improvements. When a child is enabled to check his own progress he will be able to notice and would love to improve his efforts to see results. As a parent, you can track the progress and involve your child to check how far your child has progressed so that he can put more efforts in the right direction.

  • Attitude of a tutor 

The attitude of a tutor also plays an important role in making learning more successful. If a tutor is positive and inspiring type, that kind of tutor is more likely to make more impact on a student. So ensure when you hire a tutor to check what kind of disposition he has, if he is someone who is grumpy most of the time, then he will have a tough time teaching and motivating a student.