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Getting ready for the IELTS exam? Ensure the following on the test day if you are writing the test.

  • Reach the venue on time

When you receive your date and time details ensure that you recheck at least two days in advance to avoid last minute problems. Try to visit the exam center few days before the exam so that you don’t start from home late thinking you will just reach on time. And when the exam day arrives make sure you have at least some time in hand so that you don’t reach late for the exam.

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Preparing early is the key to avoid being late for the IELTS exam. Remember, if reach late you may also be debarred from writing the exam. So reach at least an hour before the exam starts.

  • Stay relaxed

Now many students get all tensed and worried thinking about the outcome of the exam. What band score they will get and how to improve their band scores. These worries can be avoided during or just before the exam, so that you can concentrate on taking up the test giving all your best. Students also get all tensed and study too much for longer hours few days before the exam, seriously affecting their health conditions. Point is all students should maintain a healthy lifestyle – eating nutritious food, exercising, thinking positive so that they don’t get too stressed before the exam and maintain their performance in the exam. And it is very important that students stay relaxed and stress-free on the exam day.

  • Keep a track of time

Keep your eyes on the wall clock to stay aware of how much time left for each of the sections. Every test room have a wall clock so that students can easily check the time. Students should allocate time for Listening, Reading and Writing, each of these have sections within them. So plan accordingly, make a mental allocation of time and try to solve or answer all questions within the given time.

  • Keep away all electronics

Electronics devices are not allowed. So students should keep away all their electronics devices before entering the test room. Any electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited so students should follow all the instructions laid out so that they don’t fall in trouble during the test hours.

  • Time management

Each of the sections – Listening, Writing and Reading are allotted specific duration. The total duration for Reading, Listening and Writing is 2 hours 40 minutes and there are no break between these sections. So students should plan how to use every single minute to answer all the questions. And they should also take water and necessary stuffs while entering the exam room. Later, they may not be allowed to move within the test room or venture out of the classroom.

Follow the tips given above so that you can enhance your score in the IELTS exam. If you practice these tips months before the exam then you will smoothly go through the IELTS test day.