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IBPS PO exam is just around the corner and candidates are burning their mid-night oil to prepare well for the upcoming exam. Anxious and highly pressurized, working candidates need to seriously plan and work to prepare well. Here are few last minute tips for working professionals who are appearing for the IBPS PO exam:

  • Get organized

If you are a working professional it is very crucial that you manage your time effectively. Don’t leave revision or going through topics which might be important for the exam till the last minute. Step up, organize your study plan to prepare well for your upcoming exam. As time would be constraint for people who are on a regular job, it is important to stick to a set routine with complete focus and dedication. Even a single minute shouldn’t be wasted, you can always revise what you had studied in the morning to make the most out of your preparation for the exam.

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  • Follow your study timetable

Allot time in the morning and evening after work to study. Separate each of the sections and allot specific time and duration, to revise before the exam. Don’t ever pay full attention to one section and ignore the others, even if you think one of the sections are easy for you. All the sections are important so pay attention equally to all the different sections of the IBPS PO exam. But quantitative and reasoning questions may take longer time to solve, so you may need to spend more time there.

  • Practice mock tests

Though taking full mock test may take time but you must try to take mock test every day before the exam. It will help you to get into the exam mode and solve questions quickly and correctly. Keep a stop watch beside you when you take the mock test, this will help you to track the time and how you are progressing in taking the test.

  • Play by your strengths

While you write the IBPS PO exam, you may have to spend more time in one section and lesser time in another section. Whatever may be the case with you, you need to always remember to play by your strengths. If one section is your strength then you may spend less time in preparing for that section. However, it doesn’t mean that you will altogether ignore the sections you find easy. You must pay attention but you can spend more time in practicing something you find hard and difficult.

  • Stay positive

Exams can be straining and you may overcome with anxiety. So take out time to relax, take a walk, pump in fresh air in your system so that you can continue thinking straight. Don’t think too much how your exam is going to be, what score you will get, will you qualify for the cutoffs and all. These thoughts are important but troublesome as it can make you worry over something you have little to no control. So it is highly important that you stay positive all this while to be able to write the exam well. Remember, to take enough rest so that you may feel rejuvenated and fresh.