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French is considered to be a language which can be easily mastered by a non-native French speaker. Most of the new French learners find it often hard to learn French every aspect of the language but is not that difficult. If you are new to French, it is important that you learn the basics of the language to be able to learn well. Here are few tips for beginners on how they can learn the French language in 3 months:

  • Learn the basics first – When you are new to French language, you need to learn the basics first – Alphabets, Numbers, Days in a Week, Fruits & Vegetables, Salutations, Common Phrases and more. Each of these will take time, so try to spend sometime for each of these stuffs. For example, when you learn alphabets ensure that you learn the alphabets and how they are pronounced. It is important to learn vowels along with the consonants in French and how vowels and consonants are used to make words.

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Slowly you can start learning name of days in a week, months and how to salute people for daily conversations. Learning the basics will help you learn the French language in the right way from the beginning itself.

  • Listen to French audios – Learning French requires listening to French language on a regular basis. By listening regularly and repeatedly at times can help you catch up with common French words and how they are used in a sentence to express a thought. You can listen to French music, watch movies, news, audio books, to understand about the language. Learning by listening a new language requires 100% concentration as you will be new to the language. But it is very effective for beginners to acquire the language of love this way.
  • Read French materials – If you are new to French language then you must read French materials that will help you understand different aspects of the language. Take a French book as per your level and read them regularly. Try to learn new words and build your vocabulary on a daily basis. While reading French books, you will come to know how French language is written as well. Unlike English, French alphabets looks a little different and complicated. The more you spend reading the more you will gain knowledge about the language.
  • Write in French – If you have learned English language then you will find a lot of similarity between English and French language. However, similar doesn’t equate to same, so new learners should learn how French vowels are written in a word. The more you write, you will get to know how French in general is written.
  • Speak in French – Speaking in French can be a bit trickier for beginners as there are phonetic sounds which are not used while speaking the English language. So beginners have to speak out loud a lot. Beginners may take up French Coaching Classes and read French text loudly to identify their mistakes. New learners should try to talk whatever they know in French, this will help them to start speaking in French.