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When parents appoint a tuition teacher they look forward for a betterment in report card. When tutors get a new student, they look forward for a healthy pay. The two ways parents and tutors look at the transaction, does not benefit the student.
Hence from both parent and tutor point of view, it’s important to know when and why does a student need a teacher. If the parents explain their expectations and requisites from day one, it becomes easier for the tutors to plan their teaching method. At the same time, its important tutors also well verse their duties before they start guiding young minds.
Here is listing five roles beyond books and copies, that every tuition teacher can extend to their students:


Tuition Teacher

  • Time

Usually, tuition teachers maintain a fixed schedule of two or three hours per student for one session. Though this reflects their professional approach but the concept hampers the student’s study plan. One should spend required time with students so that their every doubts and glitches are clarified by the end of each session. It’s should not be a time bound interaction but more of an academic training.

  • Storehouse of Resource

Tuition teachers and their professional approach often does not lead to progress of students. By the end of an academic year, even parents fail to understand where the tuition teacher or their guidance went wrong. Well, the simple remedy is to walk beyond the books and cover more than the syllabus. It’s about enlightening and educating a young mind, than helping him to improve his score. While attempt should be lent to improved scoring, it’s also important that teachers become an authentic resource provider for students.

  • Simple and smart approach of studying

Teachers do love the best students. But good teachers will equally treat their low performing students. The aim of tuition teacher is to sketch a simple approach to academics that any student picks up with attention and motivation. Tight deadlines, packed schedule, vast syllabus are common terror for students where it’s one or two smart trick from the tutor that can change their look towards studies.

  • Healthy academic environment

The love from parents, the pamper from grandparents, the constant sibling fight are common distractions that does not allow a student to study at home. Its therefore the role of a tuition teacher to build a quality academic environment for the student amidst given circumstances. If required teachers can consult with parents for change in location or style of studying. However at the end, the outcome must reflect a difference in the student’s performance.

  • A friend, philosopher and guide

Last but not the least, the role of a tutor can be much wider and deeper than teaching. Building a friendly rapport with the student, a peer like association makes it easy for both the parties to create a strong bond.
While tuition teachers attempt to abide the suggested approach in their way of educating, its parents who should keep an eye on the tutor’s performance and child’s output.