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MS Excel, a user friendly MS Office application caters high end entrepreneurs, corporate executives, students, teachers and so on. Irrespective of age or purpose, it’s important for any computer learner of MS-Excel. Rows, columns compose the basics of MS Excel, but there is more to it. Many do not include the advanced applications during the learning session.

Here is listing five advanced options that you can integrate while using MS Excel. It makes data presentation and calculation easy and fast:

Pivot tables

To analyse and arrange your data, Pivot tables is a new option added in MS Excel which you might find difficult at the start, but is very useful. To keep it simple, you can start with Recommended Pivot Table, an automatic version of it. Right after selecting the data and headings you want, simply click on the Recommended Pivot Tables. You can further customize and arrange the data on the dialog box that appears after applying Recommended Pivot Table.

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Excel Training

Backstage view

It’s no more Control and Z together. To check, the history of how you have worked on an Excel project, you can simply click on Backstage view located File option. Open tab now displays the recently used excel sheets. You can also pin important excel sheets in this Backstage location. Backstage location can be integrated with Sky drive or Sharepoint account.

Microsoft Excel Web App

The launch of app makes Excel accessible from any part of the world and in any device. All you need is a smartphone to edit, update or check the essential file that you prepared. You can start making an excel sheet in the phone with this app. Also, after preparing an excel project in laptop, you can save it online, to later access it in phone. The app simply makes excel a 24X7 device friendly application that can be accessed in any part of the globe.

Sophistication to data presentation

Since inception, every update of MS Excel has added new formatting options like styles, icons and font for data representation. This added appeal to data presentation where from negative to infinity its auto options that can accurately synchronize or illustrate data, in any format you select.

Addition of Lync

You can install Lync to your MS Office. Also, if you are an Office Professional Plus user, then Lync is auto synchronized in your application. This allows on the flying share option which makes excel presentations available and accessible on the web. Make sure you only upload the presentations you want on Lync and not the ones you do not require.

The steps to use Lync are: File tab, Share (left pane), Present online (present) and select a Lync meeting by creating a new one for each presentation.

Every advanced version of Excel comes with new facilities and features. It’s important that excel users keeps an eye on the changes and updates which are available on websites like UrbanPro.com, to make complete use of MS Excel at their workplace.