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Coaching classes are an essential factor that increases your chances of being qualified for the engineering entrance exams. Writing Engineering Entrance Exams without any coaching is a brave decision. But, there are possibilities that you can clear engineering entrance exams with self-study only. For that, you need to be very hard working and passionate about engineering. If you are planning to write engineering entrance without taking any coaching classes, the below tips can help you to score good marks:

  • Encourage yourself:

The first thing you must plan before starting self-study is to encourage yourself. Believe in the phrase ‘I can’ and try to build a positive atmosphere around you. Remember that you are preparing alone and you need to take some extra effort compared to other students. Try to increase your effort and phase of learning every day till it reaches the maximum.

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Engineering Entrance Exam Coaching

  • Collect more references:

If you have joined for any engineering entrance coaching classes, they will provide you all the important study materials. But, since you don’t have any special coaching, you need to collect all the possible materials by yourself. Buy reference guides for every single subject and revise them thoroughly. Don’t buy too many reference guides because you may not get enough time to revise each and every book.

  • Expert’s advises:

This is the most important step to be followed by those candidates who prefer self-study method. If you have any doubts, then feel free to take the advice of some expert faculties or any engineering entrance crackers and clear it before the main exam. As a self-learner, always keep this point in mind and don’t ever hesitate to ask for help.

  • Practice more:

Most of the engineering entrance coaching centers dedicate one-third of their coaching time for practicing previous question papers and sample test papers. Therefore, follow similar method during self-study and practice as much as questions and sample test papers as possible.

  • Timing is important:

As a self-learner, you must learn how to utilize each and every second of a day before starting your preparations. Make a timetable and revise your lessons accordingly. Don’t forget to spend some time for practicing old question papers and sample questions.

  • Group study is essential:

There are lots of benefits for combine study, if you think from an engineering entrance self-learner’s angle. Include those students, who are taking engineering entrance coaching to your group so that they can teach you simple steps to solve complex problems, which they must have learned from their coaching classes.