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The last section in TOEFL test is the writing section. TOEFL writing section measures your ability to write in standard academic English. It mainly consist of two tasks namely Independent Writing task and Integrated Writing task. In independent writing task, you are asked to write essays based on some general questions.

The aim of this task is to measure the candidate’s knowledge level and experience. You need to use examples and arguments to support your answer. On the other hand, integrated writing task you need to combine information from various sources and need to draw a conclusion based on that information, You may take help from TOEFL Coaching Classes.  You can improve your TOEFL writing score with continuous practice. Here are some TOEFL writing tips to follow:

Read the instructions carefully: There will be instructions on the TOEFL writing question paper like what to do with the questions, how many words should be used, things to avoid etc. People use to skip those instructions and results in wrong answering methods. Therefore, read the instructions clearly and carefully before attending each question.

Practice using a computer keyboard: Since TOEFL internet based test uses computer for writing section, you need to practice your writings using a computer keyboard. This helps to increase your tying speed and reduces typing mistakes.


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Create a wordlist: Before starting your TOEFL writing preparation, it is better to create a wordlist including all the new words and try to learn these words before the final test.

Understand the essay structure: The structure of an essay consist of three parts namely introduction, body and conclusion. Study the structure and writing methods thoroughly before attending the TOEFL writing final test.

Always use short, simple sentences: A perfect writer is a person who express difficult ideas in a very easy way. Moreover, it is the quality of a skilled writer. Using short sentences means that the chances of getting grammatical errors are also less.

Don’t forget a beginning, middle and end: While writing essays in TOEFL writing section, don’t forget to provide a beginning for the writing, followed by a middle section and a conclusion.

Try to use active voice: Try to make your TOEFL essay more live by using active voice in the sentences because they are much interesting than passive voice.