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One cannot learn programming in one day but it also does not require you a lifetime to earn proficiency in it. First, a learner needs to figure out the problems and then address them one by one to make the learning process faster. One thing a learner must remember is to move at a pace that helps them to fully grasp the matter before moving on to the next topic.

  1. Study Example Code

Reading is different than writing the code when you learn c language. What you need to do is understand every example and see what they do. Sometime reading the example first also helps. There are many tutorials which will help you understand what a code looks like. This will help you make fewer mistakes in your write ups.


C Language Classes

  1. Write and Run the Code

While reading the program one may think that they have grasped every bit of it, but the actual test might tell them otherwise. You must get a compiler like Code::Blocks set up and start writing the code in it. You will immediately know the mistakes.

Do no copy paste, but type the code as it will force you to pay attention to the syntax of the language. You can miss out on semi colons that appear after every line. Correct the mistakes; compile and then run. Make sure that your code does what you expect of it. Make changes to see what happens. This will help you learn c language better.

  1. Come up with your codes soon

When you are little bit into the language, you must start writing programs that make use of this language. If you lack ideas about writing a program you can find several on c language tutorials sites. Just try not to look at the sample code, it won’t be easy but it will bring results. This technique is helpful when you decide to tweak the sample code. If you want to write a program for something big for example game, you can create a small portion of it which you can add later to the larger program.

  1. Using Debugger is must

The faster you learn to use the debugging tool the more you are going to help yourself. This tool helps to check every line of the code and you can easily check the values of the variables and if the and if statement is working. You can figure out how your code is working. Don’t expect to get super fast after you learn debugger as you will need time to get used to it. After debugging for the tenth time you will get used to it. And truly speaking you are going to have more than ten in your career.

  1. Have Multiple Sources

If you can’t understand something the reason could be the way it was explained. Look for other explanations over the internet and you will find many. Perhaps you need an illustration which is not required by others. There are plenty of c language tutorials available which can offer easy to understand explanations. If you cannot fathom what a particular topic is about, try to detail what you don’t get as it would help the expert to solve your issue and you will also save time and get a better understanding. You must put some effort in understanding and then raise questions otherwise you will not make progress in your learning.

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