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IIT JEE is considered to be the most critical examination for a student. Cracking the exam will lead you to the college which you dreamt of since childhood. IIT JEE is the best medium to pursue your desired courses which will later offer you a perfect career. If you are going to attend the exam this year, you must have taken IIT JEE coaching. Apart from this coaching there are some other factors which need to pay some serious attention to overcome the hurdle.

IIT JEE exams are a little bit different from the exams conducted by the higher secondary board. The question pattern and the syllabus of these two exams are not same. So your preparation level to crack this exam has to be a bit tricky. You have to gain a firm conception about the corresponding topic to solve the problems. Simultaneously time management skill is also an important factor. Today you will find a lot of IIT JEE tutors available in the market, but you have to be selective to choose your right tutor. Here you will find some tips to cover your whole syllabus within a time span of just one month.

Tips regarding IIT JEE exam

As a student it is very difficult to maintain the calmness during such a high voltage examination. But remember meaningless panic may ruin all the hard works have done to prepare for the exam. You may follow the tips listed below to achieve the desired success in your examination.


IIT-JEE Coaching

  1. Know your syllabus properly

You will not have that much time to cover every topic in detail. So to cover only the important topics go through the examination syllabus properly. You may take helps from IIT JEE tutors to guide you properly for your domain.

  1. Be sensible about the time management skill

You have already gained a basic perception about the whole syllabus earlier. Now this is the vital time to increase your time management skill. You have already got the exam routine. Try to give a mock test on the respective subjects in the scheduled exam time in a regular basis. This will enhance your time management skill during exam time.

  1. Be a quick thinker

In the exam you have to solve multiple choice questions (MCQ) which comes with four options. According to the quantity of questions you will have very little time to solve the problem. So prepare yourself to be a quick thinker. This will help yuu to solve some basic questions very rapidly.

  1. Concentrate on focused learning

As there is just one month left for your examination you can’t waste time to learn every topic of your syllabus. Some IIT JEE coaching center provides quality notes for the last minute preparation. You can go through it for your betterment.

  1. Keep yourself calm:

Hyper tension or meaningless panic will affect your preparation. So try to be calm and keep your head cool during the preparation period.


Hope this will help you to achieve your desired success. Wish you all the very best for your examination.