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Studying BSc program can sometimes be too demanding. Pressure builds up when you are nearing BSc Final year/Semester exam. Following the right study methods will help you prepare the BSc exam in the right direction without stressing you out too much. Here are few revision tips for all BSc students:

Follow a timetable

Yes, this tip is as old as exams. But it is still relevant even in the modern times and for all BSc students who are gearing up for exams. Create a revision timetable as per your current preparation level and strictly follow it. Try to keep a break after 1 hour of study time.


Solve previous papers

Solving previous papers will help you a lot when you actually write the exam. It will help you to tackle different questions within a limited period of time. Plus, it will give insights of your weak areas and where you need to focus more. Accuracy is important while solving question papers to enable you to score higher.

Go through your notes

Exam time are always short of time. Ensure you use your time efficiently to cover maximum topics. Best thing to do now, is to go through your self-made notes which you prepared while studying. This way you can cover important topics in a shorter period of time. Scoring high always depends on revising well which depends on going through important concepts before the exam.

Clear your doubts

Clear your major doubts during this time. But it is no time to discuss your doubts extensively. Focus on important topics, and clear your concerns from teachers and experts before the exam.

Take care of your health

Trying to score good grades or marks often make you ignore your health. But taking care of your health is important as without having a good health you won’t be able to perform or give your best in BSc exam. Eat regularly, exercise daily and think positive to give your best shot in BSc exam.

Getting a good score is important. But remember to stay motivated so that you can give your best while writing the BSc exam.