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The last few weeks or days are the most crucial time which JEE aspirants should utilize fully to prepare better. Students prepare the whole year or 6 months ahead of the JEE exam, but preparation in the last few days have the capability to change how good an aspirant’s JEE scores can be. If you are preparing for the JEE exam, remember these last minute tips to score higher:

  1. Revise major concepts in Math, Physics and Chemistry

 Even if you think you are great in all the three subjects Math, Physics and Chemistry, you must spend good amount of time just before the exam revising all the major concepts in each of the three subjects. Revising near the exam refreshes your mind and helps you retain more concepts easily. So never forget to revise at least the major concepts just days before the exam. In case, you have a doubt ask your IIT JEE coaching institute or trainer.

  1. Don’t spend time learning new concepts

 Learning new concepts is meant to be acquired when you are months away from the exam date. Surely, it is not a great thing to start just few days before the exam. This time is best to spend core topics which you already studied. Learning new stuffs is sure to confuse your mind and may impact your exam performance. So leave the new concepts for the initial period, when you are attending IIT classes.

  1. Take up mock tests

 Mock tests must be taken on a regular basis when you are heading towards the exam in a couple of days. During this time, you should strictly follow a timeline within which you need to finish the mock test. Don’t forget to quickly measure your accuracy as it will help you gauge how ready you are for the exam.

  1. Stay calm and confident

 Staying calm and confident about yourself is important during the last few days before the exam. Eat healthy and harbour positive thoughts and stay confident. Controlling your anxiety level is important during this time so that it doesn’t impact your performance in the exam.

  1. Don’t’ study for 10+ hours at a stretch

 Maintaining balance is important whether you are writing an exam or doing anything important. So if you are planning to study for 10 hours at a stretch you are surely preparing yourself for a disaster. Rest is equally important to keep you relax to write the exam with a fresh mind.