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Exam time is tough and exam blues are common among students. NIFT aspirants too goes through the same level of anxiety before the exam day. Now exam worries will be there for sure what one can do is to tackle those problems with conscious efforts. Here are few useful tips for the NIFT exam day:

Studying till late hours just before the exam day: This is a big No! At any cost, the day before the exam requires ample amount of rest so that you are confident and feel fresh on the exam day. Don’t study till late night to cover topics as it may strain your energy and leave you with little energy to write the exam and give your best shot. So take proper rest before the exam day and ensure everything is smooth on the D-day.

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Starting with no buffer time: This is a very wrong way to start your NIFT exam date. When you are writing the NIFT exam, make sure you keep some buffer time when you start for the exam center. Last thing to do is to start keeping exact amount of time required to commute to the exam center. Start early at least reach an hour before the exam starts so that you can find your room, seat number and if something goes wrong while travelling you still have time to reach the exam hall.

Make sure you have all the necessary tools and accessories:  Yes this is important. From pen, pencils, scale, admit or e-admit card and others, make sure you carry them all. Least you want to do is to reach the exam hall and realize you didn’t carry one of those important things. Ensure that you have everything before you start and yes don’t forget to carry water.



Get stuck in one question: Now you write the exam, you may get stuck in one question without realizing it. So make sure you planned in your mind how much time you want to spend on each question and section. Trying too hard to solve one question can consume much of your valuable time to solve other sections and questions. So if you feel you are not able to solve a problem, skip that question to answer others.

Time management: Time management is very important in any exam. While you write the NIFT exam, allocate time for every section and make sure you cover everything within that time. When you set a time limit for yourself you will be able to effectively manage your time.