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Hindi is one of the most popular languages across the globe. Recent surveys shows that around 300 million people speaks Hindi as their native language and nearly 200 million speaks it as second language. India is a developing country and at the same time it is becoming a regular hub for many global experiments and inventions. Moreover, India will be one of the super powers within few years and Hindi will be an unavoidable part in many international events. Following are the few other top reasons to learn Hindi language:

  • One of the oldest languages: Hindi is considered as one of the oldest languages in the world, which was directly extracted from Sanskrit language. Moreover, Hindi is one of the easiest and logical languages, which can be easily grasped by all.
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Learn Hindi Language

  • India’s global presence: India is a country, which is growing very fast and is a major hub for foreign investors. We can see India’s presence in all the global sectors of education, business, health, science, technology, aerospace and many more. Therefore, learning the native language will help the foreign investors and ventures to smoothen their operations.


  • Job outsourcing to India: Today many MNCs have their corporate and branch offices in India due to its growth supporting atmosphere. As a result many jobs are being outsourced to India and therefore learning Hindi language will help you to easily communicate with native Hindi speakers.


  • India’s vast tourism opportunities: Since India is the land of wide range of cultures, values, traditions, languages, historic places, events etc., it opens up wide tourism opportunities for the nation. So learning Hindi language will help you to freely roam around the country and explore these Indian treasures deeply.


  • Influence of Bollywood films: Bollywood films have huge number of fans in countries like the US, UK, and in many parts of Asia. The music, dance and action  sequences in Indian films are the main reason for such large number of viewers across the globe. Majority of the foreign nationals watch bollywood films with subtitles. So, learning Hindi language will help you to sit and enjoy these movies without any trouble.


  • Increases Government job opportunities: Knowing Hindi language is considered as an added advantage, if you are preparing for any government jobs in India or abroad. Foreign countries usually prefers candidates with Hindi knowledge for their operations in India. Moreover, learning Hindi will provide you more opportunities to explore the country and it also improves your rank and position in your organization.