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We can see the influence of modernization everywhere and gyms also made tremendous makeover from past few years. Today, they are called as fitness centres or aerobic centres instead of gymnasiums. Apart from normal body building exercises, they provide special training on weight loss, body shaping, athletes training etc. Even special cardio workouts are also available in many fitness centres. It is really difficult to point out which gym is good and which one is bad. But, you should consider these factors before joining a gym:

  • Gym trainer qualification: This is the first important thing you should be aware of before joining a gym. Make sure that your gym trainer is qualified and experienced enough to train you. Check whether he/she holds any certifications or recognitions so that you can confidently carry out your daily sessions. After all it’s your health and only a well qualified trainer will be able to guide you to proper exercises.


  • Equipment: The second most important thing to be noticed before joining gym is the kind of training equipment it has. Most of the multi-gyms may be having all the modern fitness equipment and you need a well trained instructor to introduce each of them. Some small gyms may have excellent trainers but they may not have these modern equipment. Moreover, in small gymnasiums the number of fitness equipment will be less and you need to wait for somebody else to finish their workout in order to begin your session.


  • Number of members: The total strength of your gym is an important factor and you will be able to workout peacefully only if it is less crowded. Therefore, make sure that your fitness centre is not fully packed all the time and you can practice comfortably.


  • Clean and hygienic: Cleanliness is a major factor you should look into while selecting your gym. Ensure that there are washrooms inside the gym and they are maintaining them properly. Look whether all the equipment are placed in order and there are clean towels available to wipe out sweat that falls on equipment after each workout. Also, check for drinking water facility inside the training room and make sure that it is clean and hygienic.


  • Gym Location: It is better to take admission in a gym, which is closer to your home or office location. Because travelling long distance in the morning or evening every day will make you lazy. Therefore, search for few gyms nearby and choose wisely.


  • Timing: Almost all the gyms will be opened in both morning and evening. You can choose your timing according to your convenience. Morning shift will be much better since you will be fresh and calm. You may be tired in the evening after long hours of work and again few hours of gymming may make you feel completely exhausted.


  • Cost: It is better to do a comparison study regarding the fees structure of various gyms in your city before taking the final decision. The fee may vary according to the experience of the trainer, equipment available and other facilities of the gym.