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IIT JEE is one of the most important and toughest entrance exams held in India. Candidates must work hard and give out their maximum, if they really need to crack it in the first attempt itself. Moreover, you need to be extremely careful while answering the questions because one wrong move can result in negative marking. Usually, most of the IIT JEE coaching centres will warn their students about these common mistakes before the commencing of every class so that can remain vigilant next time. It is better to keep in mind these common mistakes before starting your JEE preparations. Below are the 6 most common mistakes made by the candidates in IIT-JEE Entrance Exam:


  • Don’t buy too many IIT JEE books: There are many students who spends thousands of rupees for buying many reference books and question banks. Please don’t buy books unless you are sure that you will revise all these books. It is better to go with your NCERT textbooks and exam materials provided by the coaching centre. Too much of reference may confuse you because the concepts and methods used in most of the books may be different from what you have already learned.


  • Don’t give importance to a single subject: Some students have the tendency to stick with a particular subject and they believe that scoring high mark in this particular subject will allow them to balance the overall marks. But, this is not good and it may result in very low score if you get tough questions. Therefore, give equal importance to all the three subjects.


  • Try to solve every questions: During IIT JEE practice sessions, mock tests etc. most of the students use to skip tough questions and don’t even bother about them later. Please don’t do this because these questions may be frequently asked ones and skipping those questions may skip your chances of getting good rank.


  • Concentrating too much on class XII subjects: This is one of the most common mistakes done by majority of the students. They will give more importance to class XII subjects and may fail to notice class XI subjects. Please understand that both class XI & XII subjects have equal importance in IIT JEE syllabus and try not to skip any of those.


  • Entertainment: These two years of IIT JEE coaching are the crucial time that can decide your future. If you are passionate about IIT’s and getting an admission there is your primary goal, then you need to sacrifice few things. You may be interested in gaming, partying, friends, hangouts, movies etc., but these things won’t take you anywhere near your goals. It is better to avoid all these and concentrate only on your studies.


  • Good sleep and healthy food: There are students who used to stay awake and study until early morning. Try to avoid this situation because this is not at all good for your health and you may feel sleepy in the exam hall. Go to bed around 10 o’clock and get up early in the morning to revise your lessons. Moreover, don’t skip your breakfast on the day of IIT JEE because it will create a negative impact on your concentration ability and may ruin the entire day.