IIT JEE is one of the most prestigious and tough entrance exams in India. Lots of hard work and dedication is necessary in order to crack it in the first attempt. Candidates tend to make mistakes during filling application form and also while preparation. You must be careful about these common mistakes and choose the right IIT-JEE Entrance Exam Coaching to avoid it before the final exam.These are some of the most common mistakes done by IIT JEE aspirants:

  • Limited knowledge of basics: Most of the students start to solve questions and problems without understanding the basics and fundamentals. You won’t be able to distinguish questions and topics, if you are not thorough with the basics and that may result in wrong calculations.

IIT-JEE Entrance Exam Coaching

  • Mistakes during form filling: You need to be very careful about the mistakes that can happen during filling of application form. These mistakes are very common and you need to read all the instructions carefully before filling the form. Mistakes like entering wrong date of birth, spellings, wrong signatures, wrong image formats etc. may decline your candidature. So be careful about those mistakes.


  • Tension: Tension is the major hurdle, which most of the students find difficult to overcome. Tension will bring down your confidence level and you will not be able to answer properly. So you should learn how to control tension and to overcome pressure situations. Yoga is a good remedy for tension. Regular practice of yoga will make you feel refreshed and make you more confident enough to face tough situations.


  • Relax for some time: Take some time to relax during busy JEE preparations. Try to engage yourself in some kind of leisure activities. You can take a few minutes break and play your favorite game, try to talk with your friends or take a ride in your bicycle, if possible. This will make you feel refreshed and recharge you for the next set of revisions.


  • Reference books: Most of the candidates have the habit of buying large number of reference books and many of them will remain untouched due to lack of time. Therefore, it is better to have one or two reference books for each subject and make sure that you revise it at least once before the final exam.


  • Silly excuses: Students always makes excuses like ‘I will study later’, ‘I need a break now because I am continuously studying for the last 1 hour’ etc. All these are silly excuses and that will distract you from continuing your revisions. So be careful about such excuses and try to avoid it.