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Western dance is also known as country dance, which basically refers to different dance styles, techniques and moves. There are several forms of western dances across the globe and all are different from one another in its style, costumes, music etc. Today, the influence of western dance can be seen in Bollywood film industry also. Some of the most popular western dance forms are explained below.

  • Hip-Hop Dance: Hip-hop dancing is mainly related to street dancing. This style includes the movements of body parts, balancing the body, moves using head and hands. Hip-Hop dance is famous for the extraordinary movements and body balancing techniques. They are performed by highly trained professionals since fitness and flexibility is an important factor in it. B-boying, locking, popping, floating, head spin are some of the famous hip-hop dance moves.Dance Classes
  • Break Dance: Michael Jackson is considered as the father of break dance. His movements are world famous and have lots of admirers around the globe. Break dance include many acrobatic moves which can only be performed by professional dancers. Moon walk is one of the world famous break dance style.
  • Ballet: Ballet is believed as the basement for many other dance forms and was originated in Italy. This dance is actually performed using the dancer’s tip-toes. Ballet uses classical music and there are different styles for this dance.
  • Salsa: Salsa is said to be a good example of social dance. The dancers shift their body weight with the help of their feet while the upper part of the body remains aligned. Salsa is mainly performed in nightclubs, bars, restaurants etc. and there are different styles for this dance form.

    salsa dance

    salsa dance

  • Tap Dance: It is a kind of dance performed by making sounds by striking tap shoes on the ground. Tap shoes comes with metal plates fitted under it in order to create sound while dancing on hard surfaces. It is also a type of social dance performed in restaurants and functions.
  • Tango: Tango is basically a couple dance and is highly influenced by European and African culture. It consist variety of styles like Tango Vals, Tango Argentino, Tango salon etc.

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