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Pianoforte, which is popularly known as the ‘Piano’ is believed as the ‘King of the Instruments’. Piano is considered as one of the oldest musical instrument which has undergone several makeovers in recent years. Basically, acoustic pianos are large in size and comes with 88 black and white keys in total, a wooden case to protect the soundboard and strings, the cast iron plates, hammers etc.

Like many other musical instruments, pianos are also classified into different types like:

  • Grand piano: Grand pianos are large ones with horizontal frames and strings. Grand pianos are used or concerts and solo performances.
  • Upright or vertical piano: They are much smaller compared to grand pianos due to the vertical arrangement of frames and strings. Springs are used to control the horizontal hammer movement.
  • Apart from these there are other specialized pianos like toy piano, silent piano, mini piano etc. Later, electric pianos and digital pianos also came into action.


All these pianos are beautiful and sounds awesome because they are made of high quality materials. The rims are made of maple wood and spruce fibres are used to strengthen the braces. Sometimes wooden materials are also used to design the side patterns. Since the huge wooden legs on the grands and uprights of the piano holds the rim portion, they must be strong and hence softwoods are preferred for its making.

The piano strings are made of high carbon steel and the plates are made of cast iron since they need to withstand the changing climatic conditions and high pressures during performances. Earlier, the white keys were covered with strips of ivory, but later it was stopped due to the implementation of several animal protection laws. Pianos also have pedals to lift the keys and to alter sounds. Grand pianos in the US comes with three pedals like the soft pedal, sostenuto and sustain pedals.

Like all other musical instruments, Pianos are also played in different styles like classical, pop and jazz. Classical style is again divided into 5 types namely concerto, sonata, trio, quintet and piano. One of the easy way of playing piano is in the pop style, which focuses on creating attractive tunes. Jazz on the other hand is relatively a new style of playing piano which you can learn from UrbanPro. Apart from all these, many modern piano styles are also created based on the blues. The cocktail style, boogie-woogie style and rhythm and blues style are some of the modern styles of piano playing.