Java language is one of the most popular programming languages around the world. It has survived and gained interest among programmers in the last 2 decades. Considered as one of the most reliable programming languages, it is widely used by network companies. JAVA is also known to be a very mature programming language. If you are planning to learn Java language, here are few good reasons why you should learn the programming language.

  1. Since the language has been existing from a long time, you can get solutions online regarding any Java related queries
  1. It is an easy programming language. Any student even from the non-technical background can learn Java. It has syntax like in English language with little magic characters – Generic angle brackets, which makes learning Java easy and quick.
Java Language

Learn Java programming language

  1. An object oriented language, developing OOPS application is easier with Java. It also enables to keep systems flexible, modular and extensible.
  1. It is free which makes learning Java or using it for companies to develop Java application cost-effective. Cost is an important factor for any organization. As using Java doesn’t incur any cost, it is quite popular among programmers and large companies.
  1. Another important aspect about Java is – it is platform independent, which was the main reason of Java gaining popularity in the 1990’s. With Java, you can write once and run anywhere. Java applications are developed in Windows environment and runned in UNIX platform.
  1. Java is very flexible and it can run on a desktop, mobile, tablet, card, you can say almost anywhere. Scala, a functioning programming language are also immensely gaining popularity but it is nowhere near the level of Java’s popularity, online communities and availability of resources.
  1. It has huge collection of Open source libraries which ensure that the programming language can be used everywhere. Frameworks like Maven and Spring ensure that Java follows the best practices of software development.
  1. Availability of great editors. Once you type a code in Java, you will be notified for any error that happens while you type the code. You will also be offered suggestions that can help you reformat your code.
  1. Huge career potential. Java skilled pros are in huge demand in the software development or coding world. It also offers a great package which means you will earn well while doing what you love doing.