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Civil Services is India’s top competitive exam which is known for its hard-to-crack nature. And when we are preparing for the toughest exam, we need the best coaching. But many aspirants find themselves in great dilemma thinking what differentiates a good IAS coaching institute from others. If you are in a similar situation, here are few things to look for while looking for a Civil Services coaching institute.

  • Know what students are saying

Before enrolling yourself in any IAS Coaching Institute, you must do one thing first. Check out and do so some research to know what past and existing students are saying in their reviews for the institute. If the institute is not great, you will come to know through the reviews. Also check out at students forums where real students have written about an institute. This way you will get great deal of insight about an institute.


IAS Coaching Institute

  • Faculty member

Great faculty members are must to give you edge while preparing for IAS exam. Do some research on the faulty profiles, you will get a fair idea about their experience in teaching a particular subject or subjects. Also, you can check their LinkedIn, SlideShare and Google Plus profiles, to gauge their credibility as a coaching expert.

  • Good of study materials is essential

Good study materials are important to prepare you well for competitive exams like IAS. Proper notes and study materials can help you get concept clarity, learn short methods and quick tips, to prepare for Civil Services in an easier and quicker way. It can save your time and enable you to cover more topics in less time.

  • Success stories

When you are out looking for a great institute for IAS exam, ensure to look for their past success record. Every great institute will have a number of success stories, but sometimes these stories are more exaggerated than real. So do research, talk to students from that institute to find out whether the claims they are making are true or not. Never get carried away by advertisements and wall posters, try to find the truth of their claims and if all positive then you can go for it.

  • Teaching infrastructure

Random decisions are a big ‘No’ ‘No’ while choosing an IAS coaching institute. Before paying your fees, ensure you made a visit yourself to check the state of infrastructure of an institute. Well-equipped infrastructure can give an edge to your IAS preparation, it can help you get uninterrupted updated information about the exam and relevant topics.

  • Fee structure

Fee is any important aspect. So consider few institutes and their fee structures before finalizing on one institute. Though, fee is very important but you should go for an institute which can offer you quality classes and help you score better in your exam.

  • Class timings

This is one of the first and basic consideration to keep in mind while choosing a learning center for IAS coaching classes. Check out the class timings so that you can adjust the timings with your other commitments.